Conference Multimedia

Idea: Create a multimedia opener that every person in that room helped make happen. Come up with an incredibly low cost plan. Run it by the client, get the okay. Get to work.

  • Email your attendees and ask them to email photos that convey a message about what they do every day—serving people, working together, making life better for those in need. No travel necessary.
  • Go through the submissions, narrow them down, and come up with a story line that presents your data and tells personal stories about people on the front lines.
  • Get your multimedia team together to think of some presentation options. Let’s use After Effects and go black/white on all the photos to even out their inconsistencies. We know a television and movie music producer in Los Angeles who loves the sound of this program and can cut us a beyond belief deal on doing an original score.
  • Create your storyboard, insert photos, view, move things around, listen to each other. Figure out how to make the most of the media equipment at the venue.
  • Show up the day before and make sure the meeting planner tech crew has the zillion megabyte files loaded properly. Test it. Do a few dry runs. Next day, give the signal. Dim the lights. Go live. Hearts fill.

This national program really matters. It’s making a difference in people’s lives. We see it on the screen. We see it in the audience reaction. This meeting is going to be great.