Technical Writing

Make Guidelines Make SenseThe modern world requires rules and regulations and operating procedures and manuals. What’s troubling is how these rulebooks continue to thicken.  If not readable and easy to use, rulebooks might as well be phonebooks—irrelevant but excellent recycling material.

Expertise: Public Ink has worked with panels of experts to refine medical guidelines that provide clear directions to clinicians on how to deliver care, working with some of the nation’s top medical researchers and doctors to refine text and instructions on how to use medications the right way.  Doing work like this requires:

  • Knowledge about the medicine, and the capability to pick up the buzz words really fast.
  • A fine eye in turning dense language, disclaimers and subtleties into usable guidelines for busy clinicians.
  • The savvy to listen to disparate viewpoints—the magic elixir of science and art and strong personalities—and turn those multiple voices into workable text that leads to consensus.

Public Ink works with program managers and federal grants managers to translate often dense scientific and policy language into practical materials that will get used by grantees and front-line staff.  What that takes is:

  • The ability to read through cumbersome federal laws and administrative rules and help translate them into clear, understandable, useful products.
  • Keeping tabs on many moving parts, from law to policy to instructions that are coming from grants managers and others who have a stake in what the instructions say, and their own firm ideas on how to say it.
  • Turning all this clear language into an online resource that is easy to navigate and use.